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Organized in 1974, H.O.P.E. for Ex-Offenders and Family Services Inc., is a Faith-based, Private, Non-profit Organization. Our services extend throughout New Jersey and New York serving in Federal, State and County facilities. With the assistance of our professional board members and partners, HOPE provides services to the Ex-offender, and his or her family, with assistance with employment search, clothing, food, transportation, housing referrals, as well as referrals for treatment/clinical services and educational /vocational training. H.O.P.E. for Ex-Offenders, Inc. and Family Services believes that The Lord has called us to “cast our net on the other side” as Christ told his disciples to do. We believe and trust The Lord to help us gather up the broken-hearted, downtrodden and the misdirected, restoring them to wholeness. The Lord’s forgiveness of the Ex-Offender through you is just as important as His forgiveness given you.

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Hello, my name is Rev. Carl T. Phipps, Sr, and I am the Executive Director of H.O.P.E. for Ex-Offenders, Inc. I along with our Board Members, Staff and Professional Partners are seeking to reduce the curse of recidivism in our communities through prayer, practical assistance and guidance for the ex-offender. Our mission is to see the father be the provider and protector of the family; the mother to be the teacher and healing balm in the mist of the family and the adolescent to become the gift that was promised to the community and to the nation. I hope you will join us in restoring one life/family at a time with the message of H.O.P.E







Dr. Roderick R. Caesar is the Senior Pastor of Bethel Gospel Tabernacle (BGT). He is the son of Bethel’s founders, Bishop Roderick R. Caesar, Sr. and Gertrude Brown Caesar.  With Bishop Caesar’s “eagle eye” intelligence and proven acumen, Bethel Gospel Tabernacle will always be committed to the great task of establishing the purpose of the church in the community and winning souls to Christ for the Kingdom of God.  Bishop Roderick R. Caesar is a great and renowned motivational speaker; he speaks at several conferences, conventions and seminars locally and internationally. His very practical and pragmatic approach to the scriptures make his delivery very palatable.













Dr Lucien Dequette is HOPE’s clinical director guiding our staff in the best direction for it clients. Between 1967 and 2011, he worked for the County of Bergen as a Psychologist, Clinical Supervisor, Program Administrator, Clinical Director and finally as a Director of the Division of Family Guidance. Dr. Duquette has been an Adjunct Associate Professor at Seton Hall University since 1979 and in private practice since 1989.











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