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HOPE Outreach



H.O.P.E. has given me and my family another chance with its helpful staff, walking us through the system was priceless; when one has no freedom behind the walls, its good to know that H.O.P.E. assist to get families reconnected.  Thanks to all.

   Richard F.


While sitting inside the shelter, it was the visit from the HOPE staff that caught my attention. The new clothing I received gave me a new sense of pride to look for employment. I’m grateful and cherishing the suits.

William H.


I would like to take this time to thank God for Elder Carl Phipps and also the H.O.P.E. organization for all the love and support shown me while I was incarcerated up until the day I re-entered society.  Since then I have had many accomplishments such as; getting married to a wonderful women of God, recording my own CD and purchasing my own home just to name a few….

John C.


HOPE is a new beginning and a fresh start. When it felt like everyone had shut the door in my face, HOPE gave me an opportunity to utilize my education. HOPE has increased my self-esteem and worthiness. HOPE is the pathway to my dreams and future.

Lauren S.


I’ll keep this short: I spent 30 years in the New Jersey State Prison. When I was released, I was giving the run around by many agencies. I saw a flyer that had H.O.P.E.’s information on it and I heard a voice tell me to go there. I said what the heck, I’ll give it a chance not thinking anything would come out of the visit. The Rev. was in the office and the first thing he said to me after I told him where I just came from was “welcome back home”, now he didn’t even know me but he embraced me with those words.  I was mugged one evening and in the hospital room.  I had 90 stitches over my face and head from the attack. The next morning the Rev was in the room looking over me praying and having the whole team assist with my rehabilitation. My supervisor who work along side of Rev Phipps, Rev Phil Riddick opened his own home during my first days out of the hospital so I could get the attention needed. This just blew me away completely. This program not only is for real but they helped me start my own business, secure a place to live by myself and regain my sense of worth and purpose in the community. I know I said; I’ll keep it short, but there was so much H.O.P.E. has afforded me these past two years that I’m totally grateful for the trust shown me from both Rev. Phipps and Rev Phil. Their actions have spoken volumes as I’m thankful for H.O.P.E. For Ex-Offenders.




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